Breastfeeding and formula

Hi everyone! I breasted my daughter I’ve been breastfeeding her since birth she is now 2 months about to be 3 month on Saturday but I want to breastfed her and give her formula is there any tips or rules for breastfeeding and giving formula and are there times you should breastfeed and times you should give formula? And how should I introduce giving her formula?
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Due to my milk supply, I've had to give formula from week 1 (she's currently 3 weeks old). I find that during the day is best for formula but breast milk is better at night. I find she sleeps best when she's had my milk compared to when she's had formula. If she has never had a bottle, maybe start with expressed milk in a bottle and if she doesn't take to formula right away, slowly mix it into your expressed milk, adding more and more each time. My girl definitely prefers my milk but she'll take formula when she's hungry

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