Idk what to do I’m tired

I’m a housewife but ever since I’ve been pregnant I’ve just needed someone to take care of me, I’m realising that the only one who’ll take care of me is me😭 I’m 12 weeks and I’m hungry and literally can’t fix my self a sandwich or to do anything I just wish someone would do it for me, no food in this house is appealing at the minute and I can’t really get any takeout😭 idk I’m just so tired of thinking of what to eat. I haven’t ate all day and I feel like I’m killing my baby
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Yesterday I ate a packet of instant mashed potatoes yesterday because everything else made me want to vomit or took too much work to make and I wouldn't be hungry by the time I was done anyway 😂 just make sure you're eating SOMETHING even if it's just some crackers, you got this mama😁

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