Formula feeding

Done both breastfeeding and formula feeding. Am I a bad mother if I actually prefer formula feeding
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Do what you need to do. Don't give yourself extra stress when you don't need to

No! I’m doing both and find formula so much easier and quicker, plus she sleeps longer at night too

Not at all! As long as you're baby is fed and happy. Equally you need to be happy too so if formula is better for you then go fo that. If constantly exhausted and stressed from breast feeding baby will pick up on it. Do what's best for you, baby will thrive either way

I really feel this way too , 2 weeks postpartum, have been giving breast milk and pumping plus formula , I have 2 other kids , so now it’s abitt stressful , my milk supply has dropped from 6 ounces to 15 ml. In a few days . Regardless of eating and drinking 24/7 . Fed is best .

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