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Hey mamas! So me and my family currently don’t own a car and we live in Africa where car seats aren’t really a thing. We’re going back to the US in August and I was doing some research on whether my son needed to be forward facing or rear facing and it’s legal for your child under 2 to be forward facing as long as they’re less than 20lbs! I was quite surprised especially because after we visited the US in April and I sent my family a picture of my son in his car seat (I’ve included the picture) so many people were telling me he needed to be rear facing. I’m honestly clueless haha! I know pediatricians will recommend them be rear facing at least until 2 but what do you all do?
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Definitely rear facing for safety reasons

rear facing til 4 is the goal and what most cpst recommend that. definitely rear facing

Rear facing until we max out requirements :)

Def rear facing. It’s legal in some states yes but in my state it’s illegal before 2 to be forward facing. Rear face as long as possible!

it definitely depends what country you’re in, for the U.S. i would definitely do rear facing for as long as possible because people drive so much different out here and so much more reckless

Rear facing because US people can’t drive so better safe than sorry

Rest face until seat is maxed out.

Rear faced my son till his legs were too long 😂

We turned my son early due to car sickness. Our ped gave us the go ahead because my son was aspirating. Hoping our next baby doesn’t have this issue because I would have loved to keep him rear facing for as long as possible.

@Shania very interesting I didn’t think about the different state requirements. What state do you live in?

@Taylor for sure!! Totally agree with this

Rear facing as long as possible in the car seat manual. Or at least that's our plan. 2 at the youngest though

If he will ride rear facing do it. My son would hyperventilate when he was rear facing so his doctor gave us the okay to turn him around at 9 months old.

We are still rear facing and plan to stay that way as long as possible. My son is 18 months old.

Honestly when their feet are hanging out of the rear facing seat that’s when we know it’s time to change

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