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Hi all My little boy is refusing most food. My partner doesn’t want me to be offering something else as he said he’ll create a habit of him knowing he can pick and choose. If your baby is also being fussy with food and refusing. What do you do? I’m sure he’ll grow out of it but I need to make sure he is eating something!
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My boy literally acts as if any new food is offensive. I’m hoping it’s a phase too!

We’ve had this and I found this article really helpful: https://www.srnutrition.co.uk/2024/02/what-should-i-do-when-my-child-refuses-their-meal/

Came here to say the same thing. I dread mealtimes. My little boy refuses to try new things, often refuses things we know he likes too. We don't offer alternative meals. He sits at the table while we eat, sometimes he just watches, sometimes he asks to try some of ours (even if he tastes it and then refuses further), sometimes he whinges until he gets down out of his high chair. We then move away from the table completely, leave it like half an hour or so, then if we are worried he's hungry we might offer something else like toast or fruit. But it is HARD. My husband and I often argue about it, it often ends in tears, and more often than not baby leaves the table without having eaten much.

I put a post about this yesterday. My little girl is a nightmare at meal times at the moment. Everything she previously loved she pushes away or throws. It’s difficult to get her to eat at all at the moment. Sounds like we’re all going through the same thing at this age! Like most things, I guess keep trying and ride it out! Xx

I read somewhere that if you start introducing an evening snack every evening with something safe they like, then when they refuse food you know that later they'll get a little snack to fill them up but equally they don't think you've just given in to them not eating dinner and given something else if that makes sense. Although they are so teeny at the moment, my little girls not eating much but I think she's getting some more teeth so I'm not fussing too much but I have a 9yo who just doesn't like a thing - hoping to avoid my youngest being like her 🙈😂

Iv been through this and I still have another fussy boy he doesn't even have milk any more so iv tried to give yoghurts and just water based food because as long as there making wet nappies the doctors will say it's fine so if there having milk juice or anything like that still and only hit and miss eating they will be ok and normally it's a faze they go through my lb is eating again now bit still fussy my oldest boy has autism bit when he was younger I didn't even think about a fussy eater and it turning out to be that he wouldn't even have bread till he was like 3 I think it was bit obviously it probably wont turn out to be that just a fussy boy good luck x

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