Adult ADHD assessment

I've just been told this can't be done through the NHS and I need to go private- is that right? NHS inform online says my GP can refer me to a specialist for assessment, so surely I shouldn't need to go private?
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This probably won't be that helpful. So, I have just had my diagnosis confirmed on the NHS after 2 years. However, I was told that because services are so stretched that I wouldn't be entitled to medication as there was shortage and my ADHD is not bad enough at this time to be considered. Which I'm okay with as I'm obviously pregnant right now and personally would like to explore more therapy based solutions at this time. I'll have to pay privately for this. Things might have changed in 2 years, but I was told that it's best to go via NHS as going private wouldn't entitle me to medication. I think your GP should still be able to refer you, but I was told some people being referred now could be waiting up to 5 years for a diagnosis x

You can do with NHS but there's a waiting list more than 2 years at the moment (asked around 2 months ago)

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