Sugar levels out of control

My sugar keeps spiking up and down and it’s stressing me out so badly. Yesterday it was high. This morning it was low now it’s high again. I already don’t feel well and I don’t know what’s going on. I’m so pissed off and upset. I have other stress than to be dealing with this. What do I do? I don’t want to take medication or go on insulin
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I'm only a couple of weeks into my readings but things I've picked up... 1) If you feel sick/tired/stressed, your numbers are going to spike 2) you can have the same thing 3 times a day and your numbers will be different 3) you can be on your best behaviour and your numbers may spike due to not pairing it properly. I make sure I note down what I've eaten amd how I'm feeling so I can see a trend. I'm now on Metformin, because my fasting levels was slightly over.... 5.4, 5.5 instead of under 5.3. It really isn't that bad, just remember that they will level out and midwives are there to advise! Give yourself a break xx

I didn’t want to go on medication either, but it will help keep blood sugar at the right level

@Claire I can eat the same thing and I get different reading it makes no sense to me. I see my midwife tomorrow this is stressing me out I know what I’m eating and it’s been fine before and my levels have been fine

Sometimes no matter how we change our diet or what we eat wont lower our blood sugar, it has something to do with our liver.

@sabina all medication makes me sick hence why I don’t want to take it.

Also the insulin? Does that make you feel sick

Have some black seed oil, and take your vitamins too, maybe some zam zam water xx

@sabina there’s first few days we’re perfect readings but I don’t know what’s happening now I’m still similar things with less portion. I also try to portion out snacks evenly and try to pair it with something

@sabina I haven’t tried it. It’s insulin and injection or medication?

@sabina I will try

Its injection, usually if the medication doesn’t help or you feel sick/makes you feel ill/stomach pains. They give you that option. Hopefully midwife can give you alternative options or insulin instead

@sabina I will talk to her tomorrow as it’s affecting me really bad. I have no vomited this pregnancy but I was vomiting first thing when I woke up yesterday and had blurry vision. I could see bubbles 😭

I would defo speak to ur midwife ASAP. GD is not to be messed with, I have both high and low readings too but most of the time my diet change has helped. I was told low readings can indicate an issue with the placenta and u don’t want high readings as it increases the risks of GD at birth for baby. Tell your midwife about ur sickness with medication but unfortunately its most likely going to be a case of trial and error. If your diet changes hasn’t worked, you will have to take medication to see how you react first and if you still feel sick but it’s not causing you actual issues other than nausea it might be a case of weighing up your side affects against the risks of your readings for baby. Hopefully they will have a way to help with your sickness but if your having symptoms now with ur readings I’d defo bring it up - that’s not nice for u or baby. I hope everything goes okay

@Kaydee I will speak to her tomorrow to see what I should do

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