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Hi ladies, How are your LO doing after their jabs? What was their reactions ? Mine had her first one yesterday, and with the calpol, she was OK, just sleepy mainly and she didn't poo. Today , she hasn't pooed yet and she is definitely having belly pain. She is more sleepy as well. I'm a bit worried about her belly pain, she was doing OK up to a week or so ago when she started waking up at 4am trying to poo and sometimes I have to rock her back to sleep with the help of a pacifier..before she used to sleep nonnstop until 7am. But today is even worse..she just makes noises like she is in pain all the time and she is very sleepy :( she eats every 4/5 hours during the day, so one bottle less than usual.
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Hello, my LO struggled to poo and was having tummy ache and when I mentioned it to my health visitor she advised to try the comfort milk. My boy was already on the Aptamil formula but I swapped it to the Aptamil comfort and it seemed to relieve his tummy ache and he started to do a poo once a day. The comfort is for colic and constipation. Not sure what other formulas do the comfort xx

@Charlie I'm on aptamil too so maybe we will try the comfort version. I just need to check because she is taking carobel ( very little amount and she was going 9 times a day before so is not that the cause of her constipation) so I need to make sure she can still have it

@Sara yes definitely ask first. It worked well for my little one. I’ve had to put him on the Aptamil hungry now though due to him being a big baby and fount that the comfort wasn’t filling him up and he was still hungry. But other than that it seemed to of helped him regarding his tummy xxx

@Charlie I'm also giving her the infacol from today not sure if is the right call but I thought it might help

@Sara infacol can make them struggle to poop I heard x

@Linda great, I just got told off by my husband for giving it to her because he doesn't like giving her medicine. What about gripe water? I'm scared as she was almost choking when trying to give it to her last time

@Sara gripe water helps my LO when she’s struggling to poo and straining - I don’t give the recommended amount though I only give her 2mls when she needs it xx

@Sara inficol doesn’t make them constipated it’s infant gaviscone that makes them constipated, inficol makes the little gas bubbles break up and gets rid of wind but it takes a little while for it to work as it’s a gentle baby relief. According to my HV gripe water doesn’t actually work and doesn’t know why they still sell it but highly recommended inficol xx

@Sara I tried the infacol with my LO but it didn’t seem to work as well with him. And still struggled to poo. I however used gripe water and fount that worked a lot better. But all babies are different and if you think infacol is working for your LO then that’s brill xx

@Charlie inficol takes a while to work as it’s got to build up in their system it’s not something that you use and it solves the problem straight away. But it’s true all babies are different

@Stephanie I was using infacol for a good while as I had heard it takes a while to work but it just never worked well with my little one x

@Charlie I just told my hubby we are going to try gripe water tonight , before the last bottle of the day. @Andrea thank you, I might try snd give her half dose to start with. Is very hard to see her like this. Such an simple problem but it affects her mood and her sleep so much

@Sara my LO has got tummy pains at the minute so just gave her 2ml of gripe water and now she’s settled in her rocker .. waiting for the shit storm .. quite literally 😂💩

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