Planning to take our son (20 weeks at the time) camping! Any tips/ tricks? Especially for the heat! Thanks!😊
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Just went on Friday! We camped with electric and brought a metal fan! It came in handy! Water guns, bubbles little bath toys!

My girl goes with her grandparents all the time. They make ice toys for her to play with. They bought her a fan off amazon that mist water for when they go on walks. If tent camping take fans

I got one of those momcozy stroller fans and that thing is AMAZING!!! I got another larger and slightly more expensive fan that has a power bank on the bottom for charging things too, so I'd use the big fan in the tent if it was hot at night, and also to charge the momcozy IF it needed it (tbh that thing holds a charge great!), and then the mocmozy fan during the day. Also sun hats, long-sleeved bamboo footies, and sunglasses for hiking (my lo was too young for sunscreen when we went, tho I've read the "too young" thing is debatable if you use mineral sunscreen). I used 3 moms organics bug spray as well, and if we could hike around water, we did and I'd let my lo dip her feet. If not, I kept a frozen water bottle that thawed throughout the day in my pack and would dip a burp rag in it and put it on her head to cool her off if needed.

It gets colder than you’d expect at night in sooo many places, it’s 90 here today and I went camping last weekend and it got down to 30 at night in the mountains so just make sure to be prepared and check the weather for your campsite! Babies need an extra layer in comparison to us 🥰 bring lots of water and a full first aid kit just in case of emergencies!

Yeah, it’s been 110 degrees where I’m at. Just a 2 hour drive and we’re in 80 degree weather! Low at night was in the 60s last weekend it was so nice! We normally plan to go for a drive when it’s at the hottest point of the day and a nice chance for a nap too! Either that or go to the lake depending where we’re at. I’m almost 21 weeks now and I have to say with packing make sure you’re giving yourself some grace. Try to do hikes and stuff early in the day and do relaxing stuff mid day.

Curious are the fans for RV camping? Do you bring a batter pack for tent camping?

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