Cramping at 18 weeks? Quite noticeable. Maybe a bit like period cramps?.. hope nothing bad is happening?
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I put a similar post up recently and had lots of comments saying it’s normal!

Ah thanks! I was getting worried 😟 x

I’m 19w3 and I’m exactly the same been having weird and quite painful cramps so i booked a reassurance scan with a local sonography business I’ve been to and they did a really thorough check (he works for nhs too so pretty much did the 20weem anomaly check) and everything was literally fine - she had hiccups and was moving around loads and I couldn’t feel a thing haha Strong heart and he said it’s probs just growing and your womb is stretching etc we have loads of ligaments in your pelvis and that can be quite sore I’m sure everything is fine but if they get worse I’d just go to your maternity triage and they will check you over xxx

I’ve had pains recently at 17 weeks and have a uti. X

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