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i’ve been wanting to do a physiological birth but heard that apparently gold coast uni hospital isn’t a good place for that but tweed is pretty good? has anyone had their baby in tweed hospital and how was your experience? x
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I had a C-section there and it was really really good. The nurses all had different opinions on breastfeeding and it’s a bit of a bombardment that first day after birth 😂

I had an unmedicated physiological birth at GCUH in April. The birth suite was great! I had to advocate for myself and decline a number of things put to me, but you should be prepared for that in any hospital setting. I went through the MGP program which I highly recommend as I knew my midwife and saw them throughout pregnancy for every appointment and to go through my birth ”plan” beforehand. She knew all my goals/preferences and supported me to get there x

@Ellie i already tried signing up for the mgp program when i was around 18 weeks and i am now 22 weeks and they haven’t gotten back to me ): i was originally planning to do that because i know they definitely care for you more in that program and birth suite and also are more natural, but looks like i didnt get accepted so i decided to hire a private midwife

Oh great - I’m sure you will have similar consistency and continuity of care with your midwife ☺️ I would absolutely birth at GCUH again but I don’t have anything else to compare to xx

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