Should I be concerned.

My LO has started to walk around with his eyes closed. He rarely did it but as of recently he has been doing it quite a-lot. Should I be concerned or is this just a random thing he’s discovered which he finds fun🫣
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Mine has been walking backwards 😂😂 these kids. I think their senses are starting to click

Mine puts a bucket on his head sometimes and tries to walk around 😂 They are bonkers at this age 😂😂

Snap to all three situations - eyes closed spinning, backwards walking and bucket on head 🤣🤣🤣

It’s developmentally normal ☺️ Don’t forget they don’t know walking around with open eyes is the standard and normal. They experiment and learn! Mine walks backwards, with closed eyes, puts bucket on her head, all sorts! Just play along with her ☺️

We have a goal net in the garden and he walks around with it on his head 🤣

loving all the comments our kids are wild😂 never believe the google doctor 😅

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