Hospital snacks

Anyone who’s had a baby… any recommendations for good hospital snacks to bring? I’m going to bring some isotopic drinks and sweets but any other suggestions?
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Sandwiches, fruit, milk and cookies or something like that, I personally only had cookies but the food at the hospital I was at was not very good

Commenting so I can follow! I literally just sent my husband a text that we need to go get hospital snacks for this weekend. 😂

I haven't had mine yet, but I'm going in this week to be induced. I'm planning on taking chocolate covered nuts, lance sandwich crackers, popcorners, and maybe some jerky or trailmix. If we have a fridge, I'll probably get someone to bring us some string cheese and fruit.

I packed chomps beef sticks, granola bars and trail mix!

Anything with oats in as it’s slow releasing energy. Flapjack, oat bars, granola bars etc x

@Sydney I would personally stay away from nuts due to allergies and some places being a nut free facility, I would call where ur going and ask them if they are a nut free facility

I had a constant cycle of nuts, sliced fruit, biscuits, cake slices, apples, and a large bottle of lemon squash

2nd time mom, I'm gonna pack nut bars, dried fruit and maybe prune juice or coconut water. The hospital food was decent but not filling enough. And then my man can grab the starbucks

I just went today to get snacks. I have got sweet stuff like cookies etc, some mixed nuts and ice tea

Definitely pack some savoury things you like. You could be in labour for a couple of days so you’ll want a mix of sweet, savoury and some fresh stuff too x

Thank you so much for all your suggestions. ❤️ It’s given me some great ideas on what to bring x

Bring some of your favourite snacks for comfort but defo flapjacks they helped with the energy! X

FTM I've got a little cooler bag filled with beef jerky, protein bars, fruit snacks, some candy, two microwavable meals, some pistachios, and I'm planning on putting a mason jar full of fresh fruit and a few String cheese when the time comes to go.

Jaffa cakes & bananas are good apparently

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