tell me your 8 month old daily schedule! bottle, food, naps! my son had a bottle in the morning then after his naps! which he takes 2 a day, then lastly one before bed! i’m wanting to switch his two bottles after his naps to before his naps so he can fall asleep drinking them. idk how to make that transition 😵‍💫
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so he’ll be 8 months in 3 days, but our schedule is as follows typically: 7:45/8am wake up 8-8:15am morning feed 8:45-9:30am breakfast 9:45-10:30am play time 10:30-11/11:30am BF/nap 11:30am-12:45pm pick up cousin & lunch 12:45-1:45pm play time/outside time 1:45-2:45pm bf & maybe a quick 30/45 minute nap 2:45-3:45pm park/car ride/grocery shopping 3:45-5:45pm dinner/bf/(maybe) nap 5:45pm-7pm family time/“movie” time/unwind time 7-7:20pm bath/shower w/ dad 7:20-7:45pm snuggle/cuddle time & bedtime books 7:45/8pm-7:45am bf/sleep

My baby is 7.5 months but here is our most recent schedule 7am wake up 7:15 morning feed 9:15 mid morning feed/ some solids 10-11: feed to sleep/nap 11-1 floor play 1:30-2 afternoon feed/ nap 2-3:30 libtary timd 3:30: second afternoon feed 4-4:30 possible nap 4:30-5:30 floor play 5:30 third afternoon feed/ solids 6-7 bath/ floor play 7 feed to sleep Overnight feed usually at 10pm,1am, and sometimes 5am We are currently switching to two naps one at 10-11 and a second from 2-3 but it depends on how good she naps

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