Glucose test!

I’ve got the test for diabetes tomorrow, how long should i expect to be up the hospital for? And when will i get the results?
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I had mine the other week, I was there just over two hours. The results came on my badger app notes within a couple of days, I think if your positive they will ring you probably within a day or two

The test is about 2h but maybe plan 2.5h to be on the safe side. I got my results after 4 working days at UCLH

You arrive and at your turn you have your blood taken and get a glucose drink to drink slowish bit within 5 minutes. Then you sit in the waiting room for 2 hours as you aren't allowed to move around much as it'll burn off the glucose, then at the end of your 2 hours get your blood taken again. Results should be on the badger app 24 hours later but the diabetic team will call around 48 hours later if positive. Just the badger app if you are all good. Just remember only sips of water for 8-10 hours before unless you are told different

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