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I’m struggling so heavily. Im trying to stay positive.

@Kinyatta Outing let’s talk about it! What are you struggling with? I’m glad you staying positive that is wonderful but let’s also work through it together if you would like.

One day I’m okay and the next I just wanna lock myself in my room in the dark

@Marie When you get in those moments what is taking place mentally to make you go into those places? Have you found anything to help? Let’s chat and be of support of each other!

Honestly I think with this being baby number four I think just overwhelmed With everything and at the beginning I thought I could make through this with no problem but it’s becoming a lot to handle !! Now when I feel like that I just go in the room and cry my eyes out because just so tired overwhelmed

I hate the latter half of pregnancy. Kicks stress me out because I panic myself if I'm feeling enough or not 🫤! Other than that, I'm doing great 😂!

@Marie I can understand how overwhelming this can be. I have a friend going thru the same thing with baby number 5. What she and I have been doing to help each other is doing accountability and prayer partner. So we set goals for each of us to do reach and check in just to talk often and pray. I’m here if you ever want to talk I will send you my number and you are free to hit me up.

@Grace well to help with the stress of the kicks… the nurse at the hospital told me baby sleep 20-40 mins a day. From google the kick about 10x every 2 hours. So don’t worry when you are not feeling the baby move. I also got a Doppler to help me when I just want to hear her heart beat.

I'm a bit overwhelmed for sure. I have my good days, then my overly stressed days. Currently pregnant with my 6th baby. And it's a lot to take in. My hormones don't make it any easier either lol. I have days where I feel I can tackle things better, then other days where I just feel irritable and seriously overwhelmed.

@Bree congratulations on your 6th baby! Do you try meditation to help with stress?

@Kelly thank you! no, no meditation for me. I'm not a big believer in it. I prefer prayer first. Then I try to get as much self time as I'm able to get to de-stress more. Like reading and such. Alone time for me helps a ton, but it's sometimes hard to get. Prayer helps me a ton though.

@Bree I’m glad you found things to help. I’m always here if you need to talk.

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