Hi, For mamma's who have been induced, how long after induction did you deliver the baby? And are you still able to gest an epidural after being induced?
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13 hours with my first, 8 with my second and yes you can get an epidural I did with my first

I spent 13 hour in labor with my daughter after I was induced. I also got an epidural

Went in at 10am Saturday and Delivers 7pm on Sunday.

With my first I was induced at 7am and had him at 330pm the following day. I’m being induced with my second tomorrow

My first induction took 1 hour shy of 4 days after I arrived 🥴 hoping this one is faster

2 days practically

Induced Tuesday night , had baby early Saturday

Induced at 8pm on Thursday. Had baby at 3:15pm on Friday. Yes, I was able to get the epidural after induction started.

With my 1st it was 12 hours! Started pitocin around 7:30 & had my waters broke & pushed for 2 1/2 hours & he was was born at 5:28

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