Toddlers and pregnancy

Anyone who is pregnant and has a toddler.. have they accidentally landed on your belly yet? My little boy fell onto my belly, it hurt and now I’m worried about baby 😓 my local triage will not see me until after 16 weeks so I can’t even go get reassurance
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It happens all the time with my toddler, I worried at the start but I’m sure everything is okay xx

My toddler likes to jump on my belly and did hurt a few times. We are trying to break down this habit ... work on progress. I am fine in myself and will get a scan in 2 weeks' time, at 14 weeks. Baby is still small and tucked well away from the surface, as far as I know. Hope all is fine with you!

Mine does this too. At this age they're well tucked away i was told when they're bigger and you're further along like 20 weeks I think but don't quote me. Babe will be fine try not to worry! X

Thank you all. Helped me so much x

Mine climbs on and jumps on me constantly he's 16 months old. Baby is well protected in there, but if in doubt see if your local hospital has an EPU early pregnancy unit.

On my 12 week scan the midwife was pressing so hard on my belly that I had pain for two days after. So my logic is if they can press it hard in purpose a little fall on the belly wouldn’t hurt the baby especially not this early I think.

Mines kicked me a few times (accidentally) and landed on me. My baby is fine. I also bumped my bump early on on something quite hard and that really worried me so got checked over and everything was fine then too x

I have a toddler who is always kicking, allowing or landing on my tummy. I was also worried and keep trying to say not on mummy’s tummy but I believe they are protected in there so hoping all okay x

All the time! If you are genuinely worried, it's your epau for under 16 weeks

Mine sleeps on my tummy and rocks herself back and forth and shes elbowed me in the stomach a million times. As the others said i think for now its fine as baby is still tiny

Yess my son is always jumping on me and I have to remind him about the baby that’s growing x

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