When did you introduce outdoors?

Hey mamas!! I’m an expecting FTM and I am super curious as to when you introduced certain outdoor activities, like camping, hiking and kayaking for your kids. If anyone has any pointers I’d love to hear them!!
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Ooh! I want to hear people’s insight also! I’m due in October which is like right when some peak hiking/camping would normally start for us. This year I’m expecting I might be in “gentle walks” mode though Hahha

As soon as you feel comfortable. We haven’t done any yet and she is 8 months old but it’s not that we didn’t want to, weather and a lack of proper equipment for efficient participation has been our biggest barrier. I got us a hiking baby carrier so we will be introducing hiking very soon!

Went on a camping trip with my first at 6mo. With my second she was 3mo on her first camping trip. And third kid was maybe 5 weeks. We go camping a lot

6 weeks and we were hiking with the baby in the Ergo carrier. Then the stroller on flat trails when he could sit up. At 16 lbs, we put him in the Dueter backpack. Keeping it to short hikes because of the nap schedule. Camping at 11 months coming up… we’ll see how that goes! 🤞

Went climbing outdoors at 8 weeks. Camping at 6 weeks. Cross country skiing at 4 months.

@Stephani 🌺 E That’s awesome! I’m curious, how did you do skiing with baby? I’m an avid skier and I’d love to be able to go this next season but i’m not sure how it would work with him.

Such a great question! I’m due next month and totally looking forward to camping once the Tx heat cools down , I wonder how soon baby can go swimming ?

Hiking as soon as my premie was of weight

@Sophia I teach swim lessons for littles and my baby is 5 months she loves the pool and ocean. Start with bathtub pouring water over their face then back floats (all with you in the tub as well). My LO was in the pool not crying at 4 months ❤️

@Sophia, we used the ergo 360 omni in front carry when little and did that going downhill skiing/snowboarding. After she got bigger, I used the osprey poco Plus. It takes a bit of work getting on and off chair lifts. We have also used the osprey XC skiing but I actually got them a trailer that has stroller bike and ski modes

First hike under 2 months and first camping around 3 months. I would say take it slow and think of outdoor activities as a fun way to hang out with your baby outside, rather than including goals or getting somewhere specific as you probably did before. If you have a partner or support person, I'd highly recommend doing hikes and exercise without baby so that when you bring your baby on something like a hike, there's no pressure and you won't feel frustrated if you barely go anywhere because you got that separately. Then this frees up your outdoor time with your baby to be purely enjoyable!

We took my son camping at 5 months old and we all enjoyed it very much. We bought him a camping chair that has a canopy on top buckles and has a tray to eat on and he just sat there all happy enjoying the views🥰

i dont trust my 3 kids under 5 yrs old on that stuff yet😂

Started taking my daughter on walks around 1 week old (May baby, all bundled up lol)... camping for the first time at 6 weeks old (also her first toes in the river)... had her in the boat around the 4 week old mark... canoe around 3 months... and her first archery hunting hike was at 4 months. We did ALOT with her right from the start!

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