When did you start maternity leave?

I have 11.5 days of vacation to take before I start maternity leave. I'm due September 17th. I'm thinking that I might take a week of vacation from September 9-13th and then start my leave on September 16th. I work a pretty easy job that's not too physically demanding. Looking to see when others started maternity leave? Did you go off a couple weeks prior to your due date, or work up until your due date?
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I got to about 35 weeks and I'd had enough by that point, I had my son 3 weeks later and had 2 weeks of holiday left Just do what you feel able too and don't push yourself to do more than you can safely do xx

@Heather Did you end up getting to take that holiday time? I think I need to find a way to stop stressing about this and realize I can't control or predict what will happen, even if I wish I could lol

I worked until I was 38 weeks pregnant which was 2 days before the Christmas shutdown, so used annual leave for those 2 days. Technically I then used 3 more annual leave days to be off until the new year and my formal maternity leave started on the 1st Jan. Daughter was born 6 days after I finished work, so I didn’t get much down time, but I’m glad I didn’t finish any earlier. I was starting to get very tired at work as my role is quite physical, but still felt fine moving around.

@Skye yes! I ended up taking it before I started maternity x

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