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So I used to be a major pothead prior to having my son. Since I was like 14. So I stopped when I got pregnant with him in 2021 (age 24), when I had him I’d only hit someone else’s blunt here and there at gatherings or what have you. Then I got pregnant with my twins in 2023 so another complete stop (though my tolerance never built back up to what it was prior to my son). Anyway, my toddler + twins babies have taken a TOLL on my mental health. I’ve been trying to avoid prescription meds, I could drink all day and become an alcoholic but my father was an alcoholic and I swore I’d never be that parent…so I started back smoking. BOY WHAT A FUCKING RELIEF 😭😭😭😭😭 why didn’t I start back sooner???? I focus so much better. Without even thinking about what I’m doing honestly. It like my body is just like “okay I know what needs to be done, let your brain relax while I do it” simultaneously 😂 I’m not easily irritated anymore. I just needed to get my excitement and relief off my chest lol
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I’m so ready to start back I’m trying to wait til my daughter is 1yo since she’s breastfed but I’ve been going throouuugghhh it lately it’s hard to cope. Only 2.5 months left 💪


I second this. Such a great way to relax!

@Briar you’re almost there!💓

@Monika like I just cleaned the playroom midday knowing I’ve got about an hour til my toddler wakes up and tears it up I care? Nope LMAO

This happened with me too mama! Such a beautiful medicine 💚🍃

I smoke a little joint while she’s taking her nap and by the time she’s up the house is spotless and dinner is ready! It’s amazing

get your med card if you can! and if you don’t have one already. i stg carts are the only thing that gets me through the day sometimes. and red bull 😂😂

I gave birth in November and held off till January. I found it helped me threw the new born trenches. Helped me be calmer as he was struggling with colic and reflux and I was constantly beating up on myself and helped me with my energy as sleep was not a thing for the first couple of months for more then 2 hrs.

I so much love this for you and thank you for sharing this girl we are here for it!!! ♥️

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