Nervous to Poo!

I’ve just been given stool softeners after having baby girl yesterday. My anus is still poking out a bit and feels sore. How has going number two worked for you after giving birth?
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It hurt. Not gonna lie…. It was pretty painful but once I did it was a huge relief! Haha. I definitely gripped whatever was close to help though. Make sure to keep up on water. I noticed that helped a ton!

I took stool softeners twice a day and pooped around day 5-6 after birth. I was sweating after it, but it will get easier!

I held a maternity pad against my vagina applying counter pressure whilst leaning forward and pushing and that helped so much

Lol true story. I was told if I pushed even just a little there would be a possibility that my vagina could fall out. It scared me so badly that I just sat there and let it all come out naturally even if it took an hr. You could do apple juice or prune juice to help get things flowing

I haven’t delivered yet but I had a lap which I was very scared to poop after. I just ate soups for a few days and soft foods nothing solid. It helped and the first poo was a breeze.

I had no issues I drank coffee the morning after and lots and lots of water

I had no issues but was nervous. Have a footstool to boost your feet (makes for a better position for your body), drink tons of water and electrolytes, and breathe through it instead of straining to push it out. @expectingandempowered on instagram has tips for afterbirth poop.

It took me 6 days after birth to finally go! I kept trying before and it just hurt too much. I think being terrified played a part in me not being able to go to. I have stool softeners that I am taking but I think taking Milk of Magnesia (laxative) made it much more tolerable!

All this advice is definitely helpful and makes me feel less alone. I’m going to start taking the stool softeners the nurse gave me this morning and just be patient with it. Thank you!

I did not do anything until I was home after taking the laxative and stool softener prescribed . It didn't hurt but was uncomfortable. However sitting on the toilet still is uncomfortable and it's been a week. Swelling has gone down significantly

I wonder if you can ask for lactulose???

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