My little one was born on the 1st Jan and still isn't walking 🥲. Should I be worried
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This was me until today! My son was 23rd of Jan and I've been flapping this whole time! All his friends have been walking since 11 months and he's still crawling everywhere. I even had to buy him knee pads last week because in toddler group he's the only crawler and was hurting his knees. Yesterday though he was holding my hands and walking loads, and then today he just let go and walked! I was astonished because he's just gone from 0 to this. People kept telling me they'll do it when they're ready, which I know isn't helpful, but they were right 🙈

Mine still isn’t walking and he was born 19th of December.. also doesn’t look like he’s going to any time soon 😅 I keep being told to wait and he will do it when he’s ready

Mine born 25th Jan and isn’t walking. Just hoping she will soon!

Some just take longer, if you haven't seen it watch the baby race episode of bluey that might help you feel a little better x

I wouldn’t worry yet, if there’s no development progress on the walking front in the next 2-3 months then I’d speak to GP/HV. Every baby is different and does things at their own pace. Are they cruising/standing or doing other milestones in order?

Mine was born 5th Jan and she can’t walk yet either. We had a health visitor check up recently and she wasn’t worried since she could stand and walk with furniture. All babies have their own timeline

Mine was 19 months before she started walking. Try not to stress but if you’re really worried the health visitors are there for support . Is your little one pulling up ? Cruising ? Standing up alone? Walking while holding a walker or hands? If yes to any of these then there shouldn’t be anything wrong just a waiting game.

Definitely wouldn't worry up until 18 months and even then it may be nothing to worry about. I know it's easy to say when some start walking at 9 months! The average age for walking has recently been changed due to new stats and is now 15 months. My little boy started walking at 16 months

My January baby doesn't walk either, you are not alone ❤️

My late December baby took 1 step twice a week and a half ago, on Tuesday took 3 steps at nursery and 4 at home in the evening and the same yesterday after nursery. Today she has been taking quite a few steps and seems she could have just kept going. She also suddenly climbed the stairs and came back down again for the first time ever. We hadn’t been worried it was taking this long because she’s clearly been capable of it for a long time, she’s just very risk averse. My understanding with the 18 month thing is that it’s only a concern if they aren’t showing any signs of walking, such as not even cruising furniture or able to weight bear.

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