Any movement yet?

Hi all, I’m 15 weeks FTM, wondering if anyone else has felt any movement yet? I know it’s early but I want to feel baby moving so much!
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I started feeling flutters from around 20 weeks and kicks from 22 weeks, however I am a plus size girly so it may have been later due to that xx

With first pregnancy I felt baby about 20 weeks but had an anterior placenta. This time I’m 15 weeks and feel like I’ve felt something already! X

Im 15w today, and keep having moments where I'm like "is this a gas bubble, or is it baby?" Every time I Google it, it just tells me I'm likely not to feel anything yet and it's likely gas, but I just don't know! I also keep feeling hard lumps in my lower tummy/pubic area, like a pressure sort of feeling, and I'm desperately questioning whether that is a gas bubble or baby! I really want to know which it is so I can get excited 🤣

I felt definite movements with my first around 17 weeks and I think they say you can feel them from around 16 weeks so it could be any day now :) From my experience if you think it was the baby then it likely was!

I’ve been wondering the same thing as I’m 15 weeks today but this is my 3rd baby and I’m not sure wether it’s baby I can feel or not x

As a first time mom you won’t usually feel them until 20 weeks x

With my daughter I didn’t feel anything until 22 weeks. This time around though I’m definitely feeling movements, mainly at night. Currently 14+4.

@Sam the hard lumps/ pressure type feeling you are getting is likely your body doing practice contractions known as braxton hicks. We start to get them around 6/7 weeks..many people don't begin to feel them until the third trimester but I've felt them from 12 weeks with all my pregnancies . I'm also feeling " bubbles " and like little tippy tappy feelings and convinced it's baby. I'm 15+1 today. Annoying because at 15 weeks with baby 2 I had proper recognisable kicks 😅

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