Is it safe to sleep in this position?

I can’t get comfortable sleeping on my side, I’ve tried pregnancy pillow as well. Is it okay to sleep like this during the whole pregnancy? I’m 20w rn
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As long as it’s comfortable, I do anyway. And I’m 22 weeks

You should not sleep in that position usually past 24 weeks as the baby grows. Tried babybub mini pillow? Also ask your doctor or midwife or doula too.

My midwife says that as long as I am comfortable the baby is fine. I've always been a belly sleeper and that hasn't had to change for me yet. I would just talk to your provider about it!

That's how I sleep like 1/3 of the time cuz it's the only position that's comfortable. My husband is the best pregnancy pillow 🤣 Too bad he works most of the night 🥲

That's the only position that's comfortable for me too but I started putting a pillow under my bent leg and it keeps me a little more on my side and still as comfortable.

I slept like that until like 28 weeks last pregnancy. And a more belly friendly version until I had her I couldn’t sleep on my side when I got super big I felt front heavy and ended up basically tummy sleeping trying

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