Hi I’m just after some advice really or if anyone is going through the same, my daughter is in year 2 she’s quite challenging at school has good and bad days mostly bad days where it depends on her mood other days are worse like today she hit kids and teachers was swearing saying she’s gonna kill the t.a she never swears first time, she lashes out throws things running around the school she’s been referred to cmhs and has had behaviour support come into the school educational educational psychologist come in last week to observe her I have meetings once a week with sweerl I just don’t no what else to do there’s children that wind her up because they no she will react a child swore at her today she said and she swore back and she onli got the blame. I dunno if this is true but there’s certain children that will wind her up one is my neighbours child who is in her class she broke her water bottle yesterday as my neighbour phoned me and I apologised she was fine I get on with her it’s just hard work and stressful I get looks from teachers and parents the teachers are nice but when she’s had a very bad day like today I can see it in there faces I understand where there coming from just makes me feel like crap I had to go get her from the library today she threw all the books on the floor I had to get her to pick them up I just feel fed up 😪
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Are you taking her to therapy?


Try taking her to therapy. That can help her with everything.

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