Anyone using sunscreen for their babies ? Is it safe? Any recommendations?
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My daughters almost 3 months the dr said as long as it says baby on it. I’ve heard blue lizard is good I think that’s what it’s called

How old is your little

We’re waiting until the doctor recommended 6 months for baby sunscreen since I have sensitive skin and my guy seems to have inherited that 🙃 I’m going to use Tubby Todd and Hello Bello products.

Waiting for 6 months here

Waiting on it for my little guy as he has very sensitive skin, I use babyganics for my 1.5 year old and the thinkbaby face stick

Pediatrician advised us to wait until 6 months

@Emma she is 3 months

My daughters pediatrician said three months was fine. As long as it doesn’t get in her eyes, but we are using baby organics and she has not had a reaction to it. She is a little bit more than three months old.

I did test if she was allergic to it on the bottom of her foot a very small amount with a Band-Aid covering it for about an hour just to see if she would have a reaction she did not so I recommend doing that

Sun tribe!

Started using sunscreen at 2 months (with pediatricians approval). We use the Aveeno Baby for sensitive skin and it works well! The reason for delayed sunscreen use is mostly to prevent parents from letting babies be outside in the sun/hear for too long. We use the sunscreen sparingly and mostly just for stroller rides. :)

I use the Yuka app to scan all my babies products this is the highest rated one I’ve found and was suggested they give u alternatives that are safe for u and baby

Waiting six months, there skin is WAY to sensitive

They make zinc based sunscreens for babies, they are just very white like old school sunscreen. But I've used banana boat kids on my baby with no issues. We live in AZ and it's so hot. He has a floaty with a reflective shade cover but sometimes his feet are still in the sun depending on the angle, so that's really the only place I put it right now so less worried about the type.

I’ve used eucerin baby sunscreen for awhile now, babe wont be 3 months for another couple weeks. We’ve had zero issues.

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