Does this look like dribble rash?

He usually wears a bib and they get soaked through so fast ! I'm wondering if the wetness from the bib is causing this? It's only the last few days it's looking so red! He also has reflux which doesn't help! I'm trying to change the bibs more often now 🙈 What can I put on to help?? Any cream (even mildest!) seems to make it more red!
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Looks like the dribble rash my baby gets. Going through like 10 bibs a day between the slobbers from teething and spilling milk while drinking. Trying to wash and dry it more regularly and take off milky bibs straight away for a fresh one and applying some sudocream

We’re having this at the moment and myexpertmidwife dribble defence cream is working so so well! X

I would say dribble rash or a heat rash (or both). The warmer weather with dribbling chin are a great combo for irritation. Try and dab dry rather than wipe as much as you can x

We had this too my boy ended up getting a fungal infection too due to the heat and it was right under his neck rolls. We got an antifungal cream and a really good barrier cream. I’ve also found child farm nappy cream and some barrier cream to help now that the infection has cleared but still a bit red

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