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Any tips on helping with pooping.. we’ve been on lactulose for months now which up until recently worked fine but he’s really struggling now and he’s in a lot of discomfort all the time. I’m giving him pureed prunes once a day, lactulose twice a day, giving water between feeds (although he requires thickener in all fluids so possibly not helping)… done all the usual bicycle legs and things that worked on his older sisters but were over 50 hours with no poo now and I can’t take another unsettled night with him. I’m going to ring the doctors tomorrow about the lactulose to see what they say about that. Pic of my boy so I don’t lose my post in the mix
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We were prescribed lactulose and found it didn’t actually help constipation weirdly, also had Carobel for thickener for milk but reduced that after we started weaning and now he doesn’t have any and poos are now once or twice a day instead of once every two or three days. Not sure what your little ones requirements are or if slowly reducing the thickener is possible? Have you tried adding water to the prune purée (or any food) instead to get it into his system that way so you don’t have to thicken it?x

Have you tried giving orange slices to eat? My kids always went straight after.

Following as going through something similar with my baby girl😫hope he gets better soon x

A tiny drop of apple juice helped us. And puréed prunes x

@Sophie my little one struggles to swallow any fluids as they are which is why we have thickener. Because he’s got a lung problem, we don’t want to risk him getting fluid on his lung which could then make him poorly. He’s not classed as an unsafe swallow as such as he’s okay eating melon etc but it’s just actual drinks. I could try adding water to the prune puree though as that is super thick on its own x

Apple juice I haven’t tried so I’ll give that a go and yes I need to give him more oranges as he loves them anyway. Funnily enough I’ve trialled him with egg again tonight as he’s got multiple food allergies (soya, dairy, strawberries atm) and we saw a reaction after he’d eaten egg but I wasn’t convinced so I’ve waited for his skin to clear again and given it again today and poop is now pouring out of him and his skin is horrendous so he is definitely allergic to egg too (following in his sisters footsteps) xx

Oh bless himmmmmmm. Pears are fab, might be worth a go

Osteopath for babies ;) Mine was a proper game changer for our baby! xx

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