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I feel like the last month or so my husband hasn’t had anything nice to say to me. Like im seriously trying to think of when he said a compliment or something and im at a loss. I feel underwater most days. We got a high chair (im a ftm so completely new to all this) and this morning I was having an issue with getting the tray to latch on the back. I tried sliding it in 5-6 times and it wouldn’t latch. I think it was the angle I was trying it at but whatever I couldn’t get it.. And he comes over and is ranting about to how I can’t be that stupid and that something has happened to my brain “did you fall down the stairs” Sometimes I do feel really dumb but other times I’m just so tired, it takes me a minute. He tells me to “slow down and take a minute before you speak” because according to him I talk to just hear myself sometimes but then will turn around and say “hurry up!! Helloooo?!? Did you hear me? Say something?!?” When I’m talk a second to gather what I want to say. I can’t win.
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That's horrible! Sorry your going through that, whether it's tiredness or not, he should be supporting you not putting you down. It's wrong.. I do hope you put him in his place 🙈 I wouldn't be able to listen to that without going nuts 😂. Here if you want to talk x

@Kailey I tell him I want/need to talk about my feelings and he just says stop the drama dr Phil

You deserve better and he needs to realise he shouldn’t treat you like that it’s disgusting, especially when we are up all night xx hope you are ok xxx

I think he's shitty personality is coming out. He's probably tired and frustrated as well, but he needs to recognize mother's take most the load. Plus it takes over a year for our hormones to get back to normal and it's normal to be tired, have baby brain, or want to take things slow. He sounds like a douche and if this is how he was raised, I'd definitely bring it up and suggest therapy or contemplate if that's the example you want for your child. Just because he's angry, doesn't give him the right to put you down. He should be helping you, changing diapers, cooking for you, pampering you. Wth!

@Laura he changed almost all the diapers the first month. He helped with pump stuff the first 4months. The last two months tho he’s over it and has slowly gotten more angry and not helpful. After the first month. He’s changed probably 10-15 diapers total

He is selfish for treating you like that. Does he helps with the kids/ kid? Plus, you don't need to know everything about everything. Like he doesn't know everything. You deserve better. You deserve be treated as the princess you are

@Ana he tells me all the time I deserve better. Crazy right. Expect he use to… and I don’t know what changed. It’s like he doesn’t care anymore but I’ve asked if he still loves me and he says yes🤷🏼‍♀️

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