Hi, Really appreciate any advice on this please! Our baby is formula fed and just approaching 4 weeks old, and I'm unable to bring up any wind when I wind him after feeds. My partner can occasionally but not every time. It's really stressing me because I don't want him to be uncomfortable. Does anyone have any advice in terms of what to do? I'm also a bit nervous getting him up on my shoulder to wind. I'm wondering if it's worth trying Infacol, but if I'm not getting the technique right I'm not sure if it will help? Has anyone else struggled with winding their baby and found any position that works well? Thank you!
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Have you tried dangling? Thumbs under arms, fingers supporting head, legs dangling. Sometimes opening up the tummy helps release it

I'd definitely recommend infacol, we use it with ours and sometimes she burps just from sitting her up a bit 😂 she can be a nightmare to burp too, I start with the standard sat on my knee leaning her forward slightly supporting her head with the C-hold and tapping/rubbing her back, sometimes jiggling my leg lightly in that position works too, supporting her to move slowly forward to back and side to side sometimes does it, having her head over my shoulder also works sometimes - don't be nervous (just make sure you have a muslin😂) sometimes just holding her in that position and walking around does it 😅 I've even managed to burp her before by having her lay tummy-down along my leg and gently tapping/rubbing her back!

I'd recommend infacol. I started using it with my baby about a week and a half ago and he brings up wind every time x

Try lying baby down on their back for a few minutes then burp them. We also use infacol which works!

Infacol is a life saver!!! My baby was the same. She is 6 weeks old tomorrow and can still be difficult to wind even with infacol bit without it she's a nightmare and gets so uncomfortable. Don't be afraid of getting the baby on your shoulder. They are sturdier then you think. The pressure on their tummies can help relieve the wind. Xx

I had this issue - I couldn't get my baby to burp. Now he'll burp 50% of the time. I find using movement when he's on my legs helps, I'll bounce up and down and move him forward and back, then pat his back, try moving him again, and then pat his back. I'll try that for a couple of mins, then I'll put him on my chest and keep him upright and pat his back. Sometimes I put him on my shoulder but I get you, it makes me a bit nervous because I can't see his face to know if he's in the right position/can breathe ok, so I normally only do it for a minute and then move him to my chest. The main thing I've found is just keeping him upright, even if that means him sleeping on my chest with me sitting up after a feed. Once we started getting him to burp, he just started doing it a lot more, don't know if that's a coincidence or maybe he finds it easier to burp now 🤷‍♀️

@Abigail this might be a stupid question but how do you administer the Infacol properly? Do they have to be sitting upright or is cradled in my arms ok? I'm also worried about putting the liquid in and him choking or something, what if it goes down the wrong hole 😟

@Cherrelle I just put it in his mouth when he's sat upright. He tends to suck the pipett. But I squeeze it and its all OK xx

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