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I’m feeling like a horrible person and mom the last couple days I’ve had so much rage and irritable. My son has been crying more and whining more and it’s driving me crazy, I’m doing my best and I’m trying to stay calm around him but it’s so hard. I have no energy so we haven’t been doing as much, the house is a complete disaster suppers aren’t made (only for our son) and I just feel like giving up. It’s hard right now and I won’t give up because my little man needs me and I’ll do anything for him but I’m struggling and feel my partner and son deserve a better version of myself. I’ve been waiting to hear back for a job position going on 3 weeks now and I’m starting to get mad that I haven’t heard anything yet they will let me know either way if I get it or not so it’s not that I haven’t gotten it and they did say it could take this long but I’m starting to lose hope and I’m so impatient so now I’m starting to feel mad about it but trying not to because this was expected. Idk what is going on lately but I hate being this way and thinking this way
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I feel this so hard, minus the job frustration, but don't worry! I find other things to be pissed off about, haha. It's been over a month now that my daughter has been driving me crazy. Between constipation woes, teething, and being on the brink of crawling she has been a whiny mess! I can't take it and I don't want to, arg. I will tell you what I tell myself, you are still trying and still showing up for your son. For that very reason, you are NOT a failure as a parent. Hang on tight mama, hormones will fluctuate, situations will change, your baby boy will grow, and things will get better! *hugs*

I feel like this is me 100%. I’m a stay at home mom with 3 kids. So it’s a struggle everyday and I feel like I never get time to myself anymore.

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