I currently work at my churches daycare. I’ve been working here since my baby boy was 2 months old. He is now 6 months old. I’ve had some drama with some of the girls who work here as they are younger than me and I think that is why we bump heads. I get paid $14 an hour and my baby gets free daycare (I never use the free daycare because I’m always working). The daycare is also about 20 minutes from where I live. The thing is, the director of the daycare is my mom’s Bestfriend and she gave me this position out of love because I’m a single mom and I was struggling on my own. NOW TO THE POINT! I’ve been offered a nannying position that pays $17 an hour. Approximately $407 after taxes WEEKLY. It is about 4 minutes from my apartment. The parents also said I can bring my son! Since their son is the same age! I keep asking God what to do…. It may seem like the answer is obvious but I’m sooooo torn. Thoughts?
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Take the nanny position ! You’ll still get to be with your son and you’ll get paid more and closer to you

Take the nanny position everyone should understand

God does not bring confusion into our life. so that part, also I work at a daycare center, and I’ve been considering nannying. The convenience may seem great. However what happens when that family wants to move have you guys talked about how much notice they would give you to find another job? What happens if your child is sick? Do they have a back up care? If there is a small accident, is it just on you? There is a certain amount of covering that working for a center provides us that may give us a little bit more security when things get rough. Not trying to discourage you, but these are just ideas and I’ve had also in the same situation.

@LaurenYour points are extremely valid. I also think she should continue with the Day care centre because of the security that a permanent job brings. Just avoid those girls at work and focus on your job.

Change grows a person ❤️ take it

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