So I’ve heard mixed opinions on having your nails done before you go in to have your baby.. I normally have biab and then gel polish over the top and then just regular gel polish on my toes What would everyone do just leave them on or take them off? Xx
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It’s not advisable in the event you need a c section as you’re not allowed nail polish or make up etc., apparently can interfere with blood oxygen readings on fingers. I assume lots of people have emergency c sections with nail polish on and they’re fine but you’re told not to if you’re having one planned so keep that in mind

I was told my biab was fine when I went in for monitoring last week x

Biab is just another form of gel but in a bottle (I'm a qualified level 3 nail technician & level 2 beauty therapist) and as someone who's chronically ill and spent the last 4 years in and out of hospital due to my chronic illness, I'd highly suggest you do not have nails on when you go in to have baby. It makes the doctors/nurses job so much easier when there are clean bare nails. Their readings on the monitors are way more accurate than what they would be with nails on. I used to have nails on all the time (I'd keep one clear for hospital appointments) but since becoming pregnant I've stopped bothering as it helps make their life and my life easier x

You can definitely have your nails done, regardless as to whether it’s biab, gel, regular polish etc. they used to say that it interfered with the readings but not anymore with improved technology. I’ve had multiple surgeries (x2 being just last year) with my nails done and it has never been an issue. They told me last year that if you are worried about it, to just avoid a darker colour. Dark colours are most likely to affect the readings, and even then it’s not a given, just a possibility. I think if it does affect the reading, it’s incredibly small at like 3% xx

@Naz this isn’t actually the case (or maybe it depends on the hospital) I had a planned c section last year and had gel on my hands and feet and also make up on I also have my blood oxygen levels checked monthly due to respiratory issues and have never had an issue (I always have gel on) 🤍

People have different nail beds and types. I think that’s why there’s a blanket rule. Some people have bare nail and it’s tricky to get a reading so when painted or whatever can make it harder. I don’t know what the type of nails called. Must be a condition. But they’re like clubbed or something??

@Elisha this comment right here 💯💯💯 there are a few different types of nails, clubbed nail beds being one of them, along with possible conditions or contraindications that could also cause issues with the nail beds and readings. Not to forget possible damage on the nail bed or ill health of the nail bed from previous product or bad nail tech practices. Can even be caused by the wearer not following correct aftercare. So adding product on top of that would make getting an accurate reading near impossible. And when it comes to mine and my babies health I want those readings to be as accurate as they can 😊

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