My 16 month old has chickenpox, confirmed by the gp today. She said to keep him topped up on Calpol these next 4 days (obvs no more than 4 in 24 hours), if he becomes itchy give him over the counter antihistamine and bath him in head and shoulders shampoo (apparently it dries them quicker) Just wondering what else I can use on his skin, will Vaseline jelly or Aveeno calming comfort lavender bedtime lotion work as well?
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Hopefully it won't annoy him too much. Calamine lotion is meant to be great for irritation. I remember it being used on us as kids. I personally stay away from anything that has perfumes or scents in them in case they aggravate his skin any more. Best of luck and hope your little one is better soon

Just don't give him Nurofen as that makes the spots grow further into the skin & aggravate the child even more apparently. Hope your little boy is all better soon x

My nearly two year old come home from nursery on Thursday with them. She’s fortunately been ok so hopefully your little one will be too! 😊 We’ve kept on top of distracting her through play and attention to try and minimise the scratching, and have pushed lots of fluids to keep her hydrated as she hasn’t been overly fussed on food. We’ve also done oat baths (fill a sock with oats, run under water). This has really helped (more than the calamine lotion which seemed to irritate her). She’s also loved having at least a couple of baths per day 😊 We purchased piriton children (1 year+) as a worse case option to use but haven’t needed it 😄 this should help relieve the itching, you’d have to double check but I’m sure he can have 2 doses of 2.5mls in 24 hours. It does apparently make the little ones sleepy though. Avoid ibuprofen related products. Apparently this can cause severe skin infections. Good luck for the next few days, it’ll be over before you know it 🙂 xx

So 2 days in and he’s not fussed on food either, so keeping him hydrated and giving him milk a bit more in the day than we normally would if he doesn’t each much food. I’ve only been needing to give him Calpol before bed to help him settle, he has antihistamines in the morning and before bed too (which has helped him loads!) he’s also been having oatmeal baths with the sock, but also used the sock as a sponge too and also been washing him head to toe in head and shoulders shampoo - this has worked miracles with 2 days in, the spots are less angry looking - so hopefully it’s working, also using calamine lotion in the mornings and after bath time - he’s been a bit more active today than yesterday too. So far he hasn’t really itched at all and I think it’s down to the piriton which has helped 🙏🏼

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