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Relating to the 15 hours for 9 month+ in sept … I’m looking to go back to work in September, 2 days a week. I’m only working 14 hours (7 per day) and earning £100 per day, so £200 per week. On the funding website it says earning at least £183 per week, and working 16 hours. If I am earning more than £183 but only doing 14 hours, will I still qualify? 😫 why do I find it so confusing…
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Hi, I think what I have read and understood. They are saying that if you are on minimum wage, you will need to be working 16 hours a week to earn £183 and qualify. So, because you are earning more than £183 you will be eligible. I think it's what you earn that is important, they tell you that this is the min amount you'd earn at 16 hours a week but if you earn more than minimum you'd work less hours but it doesn't say you're then not eligible. How I read this you are eligible

Yes as long as you earn over £183 a week it doesn’t matter how many hours you do

Thanks for clearing that up ladies

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