Summer swaddle

Hi, posting in a few groups to get a range of advice. does anyone have any advice on swaddling a newborn in the summer eg types of material, tog, etc . I don’t want her to overheat. Everything Iv seen either says a sleep bag or a cellular blanket but I wanted to swaddle. No worries if I can’t just thought I’d ask
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You can buy quite thin swaddles, Ive brought one from SHEIN and it’s a very light and thin material. If it’s a really hot day/night I’ll swaddle my little one in just a vest if she’s quite warm or I’ll keep her in her sleep suit and swaddle aswell. I will check her temp every so often to see how she’s feeling

I will swaddle baby when he is here. I've got a variety of swaddles from boots to amazon. All seem quite thin and light, I don't think I've ever come across a thick swaddle. I will just make sure he is layered accordingly underneath the swaddle. Ie. Vest and sleepsuit or just a sleepsuit if it's warmer. X

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