So I’ve been super lazy during my pregnancy… but also too scared to go on walks because my heart rate goes extremely high when I’m up on my feet (already been to hospital about it) I’m 35 + 4 weeks, would it make any difference if I try to be a little more active? I see lots of “tips” about walking loads & it helping.
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Do they know why your HR is so high? Mine was during pregnancy and I was seen by cardiologists but it was purely because of pregnancy that it went up (it’s come back down since giving birth) x

@Amy no they just blamed it on my BMI 🥲 but it only started during pregnancy so I’m hoping it goes back down afterwards, had loads of tests, had a chest xray and lung scan and all came back fine so 🤷🏼‍♀️ x

@Emily I was told sometimes the hormones can do it. Have they told you to stay in bed rest xx

@Amy No I think they just told me to go at my own pace kinda thing, they were pretty useless with what I should do 😂 but they did do lots of tests which was good so at least we know there’s nothing life threatening! Just scary to go through it x

Is it possible to try swimming instead? I've heard great things about aquafit during pregnancy. Another option could be walking in your home either on the spot or around your space, it might feel silly but then you can truly go at your own pace and sit down to rest/drink water whenever needed

That sounds quite scary! It’s good that there’s nothing seriously wrong to cause the high heart rate! I didn’t do all that much different when I was pregnant I just did my usual daily activities and carried on decorating our house and little one came at 39 weeks so I would just continue as normal and if you feel up to walking just start off small if your nervous with your heart rate☺️x

@Skye yes but not that often cause that costs 😅 I would love to go swimming more though, feels so nice being weightless 😂x

@Jodie My usual activities is binging Netflix hahaha, I think I’ll try go on short walks and just take it slow x

I’m gonna be honest, my whole pregnancy I pretty much just napped, binged shows, and ate lmao. I still did the normal house cleaning but that was pretty much it. Baby boy came out completely healthy and I’ve actually already lost all the weight gained at 5 months pp

@Jaima glad I’m not the only one 😩😂

I've practically been horizontal other than 1 yoga class a week. I'm not super active anyway. Just do what you think you can - I was certainly told that walking can help to induce as you get closer to your due date. I'm planning to just take the dog on more walks in the run up to it x

@Emily some of the shockingly bad shows in there may shock you into labour😂😂 but yeah just take things slow and gradual there’s no need to rush around while I was out and about I still found time to nap towards the end😂x

@Emily yes definitely! I feel you! Maybe slow walking? Xx

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