Please be kind. I'm already being condemned by myself and by my husband. So my son got the second dose of hep b 1st doses of Dtap and rotavirus vaccines yesterday. After 6 hours, he got a fever of 100.3 (armpit temperature) and I noticed he has difficulty passing gas and pooping. He usually poops 4 times per day but yesterday he can't poop. And his nappies used to have dirty farts overnight but it was different last night. He pooped once today so far but very little poop which is not really common to him coz every morning, he used to poop a lot at once in the morning. Am I just being paranoid? My husband is blaming me for what happened. Please I need advice
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How your child reacts to vaccines is in no way your fault like what. My daughter just got all her 2 month shots and was the same way. Given she doesn't poop a whole lot to beging with,but after the vaccines this Friday she hasn't really pooped since. I asked my doctor and a baby not pooping for a couple days is normal. If they are breastfeeding most of the nutrients is absorbed and therefore nothing to poop. I think it's less days like 1 or 2 for a formula baby to have no poop.bur from what it sounds yours is still pooping a tiny bit. I was also told a fever would be normal as well and as long as it's below 101 then I shouldn't worry. You're doing great and I don't think you should worry to much and neither should your husband be on your case like that. Babies bodies or constantly changing as they grow and nothing they do will stay the same for long including their bowls 💜💜💜

Do you have a way to take the temp again? My pedi always told me that if the arm pit temp is over 99° then they have a fever, and either a rectal or forehead is more accurate. And if it is accurate, you're supposed to add 2°. I'm really not trying to scare you, but that's what they've told me regarding fevers. Also, as stated above, vaccine reactions are a normal thing. It can happen to anyone, including dogs and cats. It's not your fault, and tell him to hush it!!!

My dr said after 2 months at 100.4 just give baby tylonal, it’s normal for them to be a little under the weather after! Don’t blame yourself mama

I'm sorry to hear that you're going through a tough time. It's understandable to feel worried about your son's health, especially after noticing changes following vaccination. Fevers and changes in bowel habits can sometimes occur as side effects of vaccines, but it's essential to monitor your son closely and seek medical advice if you have concerns. Firstly, regarding the fever, a temperature of 100.3°F (37.9°C) is considered low-grade and may be a normal response to vaccination. However, if the fever persists or if your son develops other concerning symptoms, such as difficulty breathing or irritability, it's important to contact your healthcare provider. Regarding the changes in bowel habits, it's not uncommon for infants to experience some irregularity after vaccination, such as changes in stool frequency or consistency. However, if your son continues to have difficulty passing gas or stool, or if you notice any signs of distress or discomfort, it's advisable to consult your

pediatrician for further evaluation. It's important to remember that you're not alone in caring for your son's health, and seeking advice from a healthcare professional is the best course of action. Additionally, blaming yourself or each other is not helpful; instead, focusing on supporting each other and working together to address your son's needs is essential.

What I always say is, it’s better they get the vaccine even if it’s a bad reaction than actual rotavirus or hepatitis. It’s a small price to pay to protect your child. Perhaps next time spread the vaccines out more if it’s too tough for him? Or you can wait until he’s a little older. You are doing the right thing mom, don’t feel bad. It’s hard seeing them suffer from vaccines. After my baby got her two month shots and I saw how much pain she was in I decided I’ll spread out the 4 month ones for her.

@Shaneh that’s a good idea, my baby was miserable the entire week after his!

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