Introducing bottle?

FTM so I’m clueless. I’ve been strictly breastfeeding for the whole 6 weeks my baby has been here. He hasn’t ever had a bottle. I’m entertaining the idea of introducing one and wondering 1) if he enjoys a certain brand of paci, would he probably be okay with the same brand bottle/nipple? And 2) is now a good time? I definitely feel milk supply and breastfeeding has been established. If I don’t do it now, can it ever be TOO late to introduce one? 3) is it too late to begin making a stash since the supply has been established? If I pumped it and stored it, would he be loosing out? Obviously I could always thaw it and give it as bottle if he was ever starving but again, I’d like to make a stash. Can my body keep up? Thank you in advance !!!
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It can definitely be too late to introduce a bottle as baby will begin to prefer the breast and might refuse a bottle entirely. If you want to build a stash, start pumping after the first morning feed. Doing so consistently should eventually allow you to build up a little extra. You won't take away his milk as long as you pump after feeding.

Have you thought to try combi feeding? When you substitute with a bottle pump then to see if he will take a bottle? You’ll build up a stash in no time! He’d never be loosing out fed is best and do what you think is best for the both of you! Are you wanting to give him expressed milk or formula?? Xxx

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