I’m 34 weeks tomorrow and I’m going through it so bad. I’m single, I live alone and have to do everything. Cooking, cleaning, finances I got to do it all. I have no support at all and can’t trust or rely on anyone to help. I messed up around the time I conceived and don’t know who the father of my child but one of the potential father has been giving me stress. I didn’t speak to him most of my pregnancy and did it all alone due to constant arguments. He never cared about my feelings and still don’t till this day. He makes everything about himself and dismiss everything I say. My feelings have never been validated. Time and time again I keep attracting this stupid boys. I’m so tired of it. I don’t want to be in a relationship I don’t care about love anymore. I was brought up in foster care hence why my family don’t care about me or bother with me. I’m only on benefits and so broke. I gave few things I still want for my home before baby arrival but I can’t afford to buy it and it’s making me sad and stressed. I have applied for sure start maternity grant and haven’t received the money yet. I also got gestational diabetes and my sugars level is spiking up and done and it’s stressing me out. I had very low sugar today and high sugar yesterday I been feeling so unwell. On top of that I’m in so much pain, leg pain, body pain. I don’t know how I’m going to get through these last few weeks or how my birth is going to go. I’m stressing and so tired. I wish I had a strong support network or even a partner but i have no either. Sorry for the long rant I’m just going through it
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Oh dear, I am so sorry you feel this way. Have you got any close family member or friend that genuinely cares about you? I would suggest you speak to them about how you feel. I would recommend psalm 23 gives ease

@Ese I was in foster care my family don’t bother with me and never cared. I have no one that will support me or I can rely on. I been alone most of my life anyway. I’m a Muslim I never read the bible

You should call the gingerbread charity. They provide support for single parents. They may be able to give you some advice and/or reassurance

I'd recommend speaking to your midwife about a local group you could speak to, maybe you could make some mummy friends who are due about the same time as you. Is there a mosque near you that could assist? Also if you ask about a food bank and food vouchers, if you're on benefits you'll be entitled to them.

@Jai I getting all the help I need from professional. I just don’t have any personal support network like family/ friends. I have decided to give birth alone

Hey, where are you based? Would love to help emotionally and be there for your birth of your baby. You shouldn’t be feeling lonely at this time and especially once your baby is born.

@Vesta I’m in east London

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