My little boy still has this rash on his leg went to pharmacy they said it was a sweat rash went to the docs they said the same but I'm worried he's had it for like 3 weeks or so now. Sorry wasn't sure if it should be marked as sensitive so thought it was best to.
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If you’re worried to calm yourself I’d ask them to look at it again xx

@Laura I was going to. I'm not very good with rashes so wanted to get people thoughts on what it could be so I could take that to the docs xx

@Jodie sorry I didn’t mean to come across badly I just know everyone else goes oh don’t worry about it to me and I’m like that’s not encouraging as none of you are doctors hahaha! So I just go another time xx

@Laura You didn't I'm so sorry if I came across rude or blunt! It's literally the same for me or it's just a virus! It's very stressful I'm worried because a rash doesn't normally last 3 weeks or more xx

Hi, our August baby has had something similar for the last 5 weeks. I’ve taken her docs twice and both times they said acute hives. It goes down with piriton (the baby one) so we have been managing that way. She has a dose in the morning and a dose at night to manage it. We think it’s hayfever related as there hasn’t been any changes to her environment or diet. Perhaps try piriton and see how it goes?

@Lauren I will do thank you so much I'll get some x

It looks possibly like eczema to me, if definitely get a second opinion on it x

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