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im about to buy my girl new summer clothes and dont know if i should do 2t or 3t.. 2t goes up to 32 lbs and thats how much she weighs now. should i get 3t and risk it being too big? im getting her clothes from the childrens place
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Definitely 3T. We always get used too and just occasionally buy them something new. In our area we have kid to kid, once upon a child , thrift stores, and I have also used local buy nothing group on Facebook and got lots of clothes from people just giving away their hand me downs. Also we have a friend with a daughter one year older and she gave us a bunch of hand me downs. New Clothes can just be so expensive and they won’t use them for *that* long. Also I get used shoes for them on eBay sometimes - like keens are so great but so expensive new. My daughter just turned 2 but she fits 3T best right now. 3T pants can be a little long but shorts are perfect!

I’d get 3T bc they grow so fast and my son is 32+ pounds I think 34 now and fits 3T and 4T already. 2T became too small so fast!

The only difference is the length, so shirts and pants are slightly longer. My girl wears 3t/4t because she’s tall!

thank you ladies!

My daughter is a big girl, so I get 3t to 4t now, and she barely turned 2! I need to get her more clothes 😂

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