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Hi mama’s! My little one turns 5 months in a few days and I’m just looking for some advice/tips on how to get her an earlier bedtime! She sleeps through every night 8pm-8am but 8pm feels super late and takes most of our evening, I understand it gradually gets earlier I’m just wondering the best way to go about getting her bedtime routine earlier and how that works with feeds etc. thanks ☺️
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No advice but following for comments as my little boy has turned 5 months now and similar sleep pattern to yours x

You could bring everything forward slightly like by 10/15 minutes each day or every few days to come earlier. Honestly I think they do it on their own.. one day my little girl just decided she was going fall asleep on her last bottle at around 7pm so that became our new bedtime 🤭 xx

If you want her to go to sleep earlier you need to wake her earlier. Does she have a fairly set routine for naps during the day? We changed our little one by waking her an hour earlier each day and it shifted everything back an hour. It took about a week or so to adjust but she now goes to bed at 7-7.30 each night.

I don’t think at this point that it will gradually get earlier on its own. That’s more talking about in the newborn phase where they’re not really down for the night until 10/11pm. I agree you’d have to wake earlier in the morning if you want an earlier bedtime. Or shorten naps somewhere throughout the day, because it’s unlikely you would end up with more total sleep overall.

Thank you for all your comments and advice, very helpful!

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