Can’t baby proof everything!

My baby is fully mobile now, we have a playpen in the living room (which he hates but I have to put him in it at times!) I’ve also baby proofed as much as possible but there is somethings like the tv unit and some drawers that I need and can’t move to anywhere else… I would never leave him roaming alone in the living room but do you think I can teach my baby not to go in certain things… or am I just being too hopeful?! He’s 11 months thanks x
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If needed get those cupboard locks and stick them on the drawers etc in the living room, that way you can still access but baby can't just go up and open, I need to put locks on the chest of drawers in my room (shared house so me and baby are in same room) as she's started pulling a drawer open, standing up, leaning on it and getting her fingers caught

I put my coffee table in front of the TV stand, that way I can still access the drawers if I want (just moving the table), but the kids can't, and they also can't easily get to the TV. It worked well (my eldest is now 4), he rarely ever touched the TV and was easy to redirect if he got close. He still can't move the table. But yes you can teach them not to do things, it just takes a lot of time, patience and redirection.

We bought furniture straps for drawers and tv that attach to the wall if that’s any help to you xx

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