Covid in early pregnancy

Hi all, I’ve tested positive for covid. Has anyone had experience of covid in early pregnancy. I’m 7+2 is there anything I need to know/do.
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Stay hydrated and only take paracetamol if needs be, and get plenty of rest, I had covid 2 times before I got pregnant and the 3rd time it knocked me out, you might find you feel worse than other times if you’ve had it before, but plenty of rest and keep hydrated and eat little and often x

I've had covid whilst I was pregnant can't remember how far I was but it was definitely the first trimester I just spent a few days in bed eating ice cream its all I could stomach, everything was fine with baby x

I had Covid about two weeks ago (8 weeks) and it knocked me out. Rest, hydrate and eat even if it makes you feel ill xx

I had Covid at the same time I found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks. The doctors treat it like a cold nowadays and none seemed concerned. It did hit me worse than the previous time I had it. Make sure to stay hidrated, take paracetamol if you need to, and rest lots. You’ll be fine ♥️ and you can’t pass the virus to your baby. It seems more risky at the end of the pregnancy when our babies are bigger and can push into the lungs (my midwife said this today at our appointment). Take care ♥️

I had covid recently when i just found out i was preggers. Felt really unwell but drank loads. All u can do. Paracetamol too. Ive had covid 3 times and all 3 timrs ive been pregnant and at different stages. You will be fine xx

Speak to your midwife for advice. I was told at my booking appointment that if I test positive for Covid, I’ll need to contact them as I’d need to start injections. A friend of mine caught Covid whilst pregnant and had to inject also.

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