Do you think this is an allergy or a dribble rash?

Hi, Looking for an opinion. Son has cmpa and is on Neocate, but hasn't had a rash before. He dribbles a bunch and had a few spots around his mouth/chin, but now they seem to have extended? They're on the his neck as you can see in picture, and no other spots on his body. Having a tough time figuring out if they are a reaction to some ingredient as he's been going to nursery a couple days a week, and it seems to be worse when he comes back. He is on solids and gets dairy free solid food there as well. But they might also not be as diligent about drying his neck and he's drooling all day. Any opinions?
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When my niece was born, she had something like this and found she was allergic to the formula, he may have an allergy to a food, maybe gluten if his bowel movements have changed x

this is what my daughters rash looked like on kendamil and then they prescribed puramino which the rash cleared almost immediately x

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