Hi lovelies. Been told I will have to be induced at 39 weeks due to Gestational diabetes. Date to be given tomorrow. She said I could be there between 1-5 days before baby even makes an appearance 😭. If it is longer, is my partner allowed to stay. Can I have your experiences with inductions pls 🥹
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My sister in law was induced. It took about 36 hours for my nephew to be born. Inductions are usually done at night.

Your birthing partner can stay the entire time with you.

I had this at the LRI - went in at 39 weeks due to GD. I was in for 5 days with no effect (partner could visit all day every day but not stay past 8pm, might be different now as this was a year ago). They then let me go home for two night to relax before calling me back in to break waters/start drip. Then he was allowed to stay as things were actively happening, and she came out on my due date after all that 😂

I was induced both times with my kids. Must say I was lucky they both came fast, same day then the afternoon after. 45mins of pushing. Must say tho the cramps were like your period pain on steroids. Good old gas and air tho.

I was induced with both of mine. It took 26 hours for the first and about 22 with the second.

Partner had to go home until things got moving. I was lucky in that my waters broke an hour after the pessary (that part can take days) but I then contracted for 38 hours before they decided to intervene for baby's sake - epidural, episiotomy and forceps.

I had induction due to gestational diabetes and was allowed to do it as an out patient. This meant I went in and had the pessary inserted and then was allowed to go home and wait. This worked for me as I was more relaxed in my own environment and my partner could be there as he wasn’t allowed to stay past 8pm on the ward. Two days later I went back into hospital and had my waters broken, from that point onwards I had to stay in hospital. I was lucky as I was put on the drip and baby arrived safely in 6 hours. Had to then spend 48 hours on the ward post delivery for the baby to have her blood sugar checked at different intervals. Partner was able to be there from 8am to 8pm but not stay overnight. The nurses on the ward helped throughout the night to get baby to latch and help support me if I needed them. Hope this helps and good luck. I really didn’t want an induction but had to because of GD but honestly it was ok and most importantly the LO arrived safely.

Thank you all. I think I’m just worried about staying in for too long, I have two already at home, and selfishly want my partner to be with me as much as, but also need him to be with the kids at home 😭

Went in for induction at 38 weeks due to GD. I was already 5cm, they broke my waters and it was 45mins of active labour before baby arrived. I had to stay for 24hrs for babies sugars. I. my hospital it's only when you're in active labour and after baby is born that your partner can stay with you. Its different for different trusts

@Crazyaseff wow! This sounds like a dream. Just really worried about a really long induction 🥹🥹

@Aye I was petrified I cried the whole weakened before and cried my way into the hospital. But it honestly wasn't too bad

@Crazyaseff pretty much sounds like me ☹️ fingers crossed.

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