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Just curious to see how much other babies are saying, my son doesn’t say any words apart from dada and mama (only mama when he’s crying) and the occasional hiya in a high pitch voice lol. He’s 13 months. He understands commands & everything I say to him for example clap, wave, blow kiss, bye bye, High five, row the boat and twinkle star. And he knows how to point to things and when I say ta he brings things to me. He just doesn’t say anything yet 🤷🏼‍♀️ It just made me wonder if his speech is too little for his age as my cousin said her kids were talking from 10 months, and my sister said it’s weird that he doesn’t repeat things back even tho I constantly talk to him.
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I think he’s doing great for his age. Several speech therapists say signing is the same as words at this stage. It’s always good to monitor your child and definitely bring up any concerns you have regarding him with your GP but personally think this is all age appropriate for him :)

My LO doesn’t say any words yet but shows great understanding. I think I won’t be too worried unless he’s not speaking any words in the next 6 months but maybe mention it to your HV if you’re worried!

@Afifa thank you!

@Laura it’s the same for my son he definitely understands what I say but your right he may just need more time, thanks

I wouldn’t worry until your child is 2.5/3yrs. Every child speaks at diff times. My 3 year old hardly spoke too 2.5 yr and my 13 month old said quite a few words by 10 months!

I wouldn't worry some children don't say a lot of words until they get to 18 months old, he's understanding for his age is really good. Our little boy never repeats words my husband was trying to get him to repeat Dada for a while and one day he shouted Daddy for the first time in ASDA.

All babies are different, my little girl says so many words & is starting to put phrases together (her fave atm is “uh oh all gone) but she’s not walking yet! My friend has a little boy same age who’s been walking for a little while now but says v little! I think the only concern is if they’re not saying anything by 18m-2yrs x

My baby is the same and I asked my HV about it, she said it's not a concern as words can come anytime from now x

Mine days mumma the occasional dada and nanna but otherwise nothing and only seems to understand his name

My little one doesn’t shut up😂 probs has around 15 words now (mama, dada, nans, grandad, ball, birdie, hiya, bokbok, dumdum, bye etc. Really good at copying on the spot to but he is so lazy otherwise not long been crawling, wont hold his own bottle and cant walk yet so think there all just different 🙈 xx

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