Doing baby girls hair

I need tips of what to use to tye my 1 year olds hair. She cries everything I put her hair up. I’m currently using hair elastics as I can’t find anything smaller too tye her hair. Help ?!?!?!
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I hear you! My daughter has a TON of hair and it’s only been getting more difficult to keep somewhat out of her face. I use a distraction, like letting her watch 2 min of a music Disney video and I use these bands. Hope it helps. I started a routine with doing it right before daycare after getting dressed and I think that also helps as it’s routine

Walmart has small one hold on I’ll find the link and then give her toys and tv to watch and have her sit in between your legs these are the ones I use for my daughter and I tell her hold on you’re doing so good and she lets me do her hair

I still have trouble at 1.5yrs but definitely getting into a routine with her has helped. Also having her sit and watch me do my own hair, then I put her up on the bathroom counter in front of the mirror so she can see me and watch me talking to her while I do her hair. I use elastics too but I don't tighten them as tight as I would my own. I usually do two loops (if that makes sense) tight enough to keep the hair in there but not tight enough to pull. If it pulls then she reaches for it and yanks it out. I also don't do anything more than combing her hair if we are going to get into the car right after. She will pull it out then, so I wait until we get to wherever we are going and do it quick before I get her out of her car seat. Gel has also been a lifesaver. I'm growing her bangs out and I've been geling her bangs to the side, sometimes I'll throw on a barrette with it.

My daughter did in the beginning I just always had her hold the brush or the water or the calm and her hair ties and she would just play with them while I get her hair and put a movie on and give her some cereal when she was that young and still have to do that now and she's three

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